February 7, 2017

Tech Experts Team Up For Big Time Sled Event

IPS global to compete in year 3 of WMMR's Cardboard Classic

Jack Frost/Big Bolder, Pennsylvania—The Pocono mountain resort, well-known for skiing and snowboarding action, becomes home to an unusual competition on March 3 when teams vie for victory in the annual WMMR Preston and Steve's® Cardboard Classic. 

A legendary event among locals, the Cardboard Classic, has dozens of teams design and build sleds constructed of cardboard and tape and large enough to transport 5-10 team members down the mountain in one crazy day. IPS global has competed in the event for the last two years and they're ramping up for a third. 

"This will be our third year competing in the Cardboard Classic," remarks Dan Claflin, IPS global Technology Specialist. "It's a great bonding experience when everyone comes together to work on the project."

The "project" is a massive sled (no wider than 7 feet) constructed of approved Building Materials limited to Cardboard, Tape, String and Glue (decorations like paint, etc. are permitted, but the structure must be cardboard). The finished product must transport the team from the top  of the mountain to the bottom. The IPS global team consists of six members.

"The team spends weeks working on the sled after work hours," says Dan. "Everyone really gets to know one another and respect grows while collaborating on a non-work project."

2016 Cardboard Classic

From brainstorming the concept, to building, to racing the IPS global contraption down the mountain, the entire months-long project is a collaborative effort culminating in memorable day.  The competitive sleds in the cardboard classic are creatively themed and IPS global goes the extra mile with their effort to build something special each year.

"In 2015 we made an IPS global delivery truck and last year's sled was a comical tribute to professional wrestling," adds Dan.  In 2016, IPS global's team sled was a scale model of a wrestling ring including ropes and turnbuckles. As they flew down the hill, team members dressed as pro wrestlers acted out moves and entertained the crowds that gathered to watch the spectacle. One of the team members was even dressed as a referee.

This year's IPS global Cardboard Classic team includes Claflin, Eric Drumheller, Kory Reddick, Kyle Reddick, Rob Galloway and Scott Drumheller, who are all excited to unveil the 2017 sled creation, a replica of the USS New Jersey complete with a confetti-firing cannon!

Although all of the team members are men, anyone that works at IPS global is welcome to contribute to the effort. "There are cash prizes for best design and fastest sled," adds Dan, "but we're all just there to have a good time and make it across the finish line!


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